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Teach a team to fish

From our hearts and minds into yours

If you know Definition, you know we have a team of clever business, brand and communication people.

Well, we don’t just do the do. For years our experts have been sharing that knowledge with clients all over the world. So we’ve distilled all of our wisdom and experience into a whole menu of training. Teach a team to fish and all that.

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Start with the menu, but have it your way

Everything on this list is already prepped and ready to go. But just like the poshest restaurants (and the best burger chains) the menu is just a starting point.

We often end up tailoring our training to particular teams or businesses, or blending different subjects. So if there’s something you like the look of, let’s talk about how we can make it as useful as can be for your people.

Choose your own format

  • Face to face, all over the world. Virtual. A combo.
  • For 30 minutes, or a six-month programme.
  • From apprentices to the C-suite.
  • One to one, or for hundreds at a time.

We’ve trained people in just about every format imaginable.

Find your perfect training format

Making it memorable

People learn better if they enjoy it (fact: we’ve got the research to prove it).

People are more likely to learn if they feel like they’ve discovered something for themselves, rather than just being told. (It’s called the ‘generation effect’.)

And there are tons more of these psychological effects that have shaped how we train. So there’s no Death by PowerPoint. Instead, it’s all hands-on, with lots of discussion and debate.

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Making it stick

There’s a benefit of bringing teams together to learn – especially in the days of hybrid working, where people can feel more remote from their colleagues.

But it’s only truly valuable if it sticks. So we use all kinds of techniques to make sure our training actually changes people’s behaviour in the long term. Things like…

  • Follow-up clinics
  • Video teasers and reminders
  • AI and Office tools to embed the learning
  • Gamification
  • Managers’ packs
  • Champions’ programmes
  • Train the trainer

Get some more detail on our bespoke training courses below. Or, if you’re ready to learn…

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So here’s where to begin.


If you worried you’re already behind the curve on AI, we’ll get you ahead of it. LLMs, RAG, and other TLAs. How does it actually work? What’s it great for? What it’s not? And where’s the legal hot water?

Learn more about AI training here.

If your job is writing any kind of content, this is for you. Learn a few tools and tricks and it could save you hours (and save your business cold, hard cash).

Become a prompting legend. 


Most people don’t remember most of what they read and hear at work. But stories stand out, and stick. We’ll teach you the tricks you can steal from storytelling to help land any message – in writing, or in person.

We all know what a bad presentation looks and sounds like. But weirdly, most of us don’t do the things that we know work for us when we’re in the audience. We’ll show you how.

Your content is only as good as how you deliver it. We teach the tricks of the trade, for when you’re in the room, on Teams, or talking to an audience of hundreds.

Emails. Board papers. Customer comms. Social media. Whatever you write, our writers have written it, and we’ll tailor a session to any team and any type of writing.

We’ve rolled our tone of voice training to thousands of people all over the world – training everyone from call centre teams to the Board.

Winning hearts and minds. Giving and getting feedback. Pushing back on sceptics. Making great comms part of your culture is really a change programme – one we’ve run many times. Learn how we do it.

Cross-business skills

Creative thinking isn’t always easy, especially with the pressures of day-to-day work. We’ll share tricks and tools to help teams create and build fresh ideas that offer real value – whether that’s new ways of working, or a whole new product.

How do you run a brainstorm? Or a workshop where you want to hear people’s opinions or feelings – especially in tricky situations? We do it in nearly every aspect of our business, so we’ll show you how to do in yours.

Doing things differently feels uncomfortable, but it’s what helps teams and businesses grow. Our accredited continuous improvement training takes the fear out of change, upskilling teams to deliver happier customers, better productivity and a more profitable business.

People and wellbeing skills

Ever since one client asked us ‘Can you get millennial managers comfortable with giving feedback to their millennial team?’, we’ve been helping people give difficult messages.

It started in a call centre: stressed customers making advisors stresseder. So we designed this really practical session for them, that isn’t ‘learn how to breathe’ or ‘walk round the block’.

The basics

An intro to the skills and knowledge you need if you’re starting a new role, switching teams, joining a business… or just curious.

  • Marketing

  • Brand experience

  • Internal comms

  • Behavioural science

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PR skills

We’ve all seen good and bad media interviews. If you want to be one of the ones nailing their key messages, speaking with confidence and sidestepping tricky topics, we can help.

Do you know your FT from your Fox News or your BBC from your Bloomberg? Our media experts will teach you how best to reach your target audience – from traditional news outlets to digital platforms.

When a crisis hits, it’s crucial to act fast, know how to reassure teams, and minimise reputational damage. Our crisis team will lead you through everything you need to get a plan in place.

Research skills

It’s easy to get the same old insights as everyone else, or insight that isn’t really insight. We’ll teach you how to use new techniques, recognise real insight and find the things out that make a real difference to the business.

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