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If you’re worried you’re a little behind the curve on AI, don’t fret. Our Director of AI, Luke Budka, and enthusiastic but easily-confused amateur, Neil Taylor, are here to help.

At Definition, we’ve created an AI team, built our own private AI environment (so we can use all the best tools, but keep confidential data safe) and are using it to accelerate and improve our own work and our clients’. Now we’re ready to share all of that with you.

For the AI-curious, nervous, or sceptical, we answer:

  • What generative AI actually is (and what the jargon means)
  • The basics of how it works
  • What it’s good at, and what it’s not
  • A few key applications, what they’re for, and where to start
  • The traps to watch out for

Part one

Part two

Meet our speakers:

Luke Budka

AI Director at Definition

Luke Budka Screen

I’m Luke, your generative artificial intelligence director here at Definition. Building, experimenting, and shaping genAI solutions are what excites me these days. I bring 15 years of substantial PR, SEO, and content marketing agency experience to the table: you could say content generation is in my DNA. I’m just as comfortable speaking at conferences (in places like Brighton, talking about SEO stuff for example) as I am judging tech awards (which I’ve done for over a decade).

I kind of get off on the thrill of a challenge, it’s my thing. What am I most proud of? Well, I’ve secured front page splashes on every UK national newspaper and generated over £30 million in sales-qualified leads for companies using the magic mixes of PR and content-led SEO (once and for all putting to bed the question “How much is this PR coverage worth?”). But my latest and greatest thing (you may have seen me shouting about it on LinkedIn) is our proprietary generative AI platform, Definition AI. Curiosity killed the cat, but it sure does make my work immensely rewarding.


Neil Taylor

Chief of Brand at Definition

Neil Taylor Screen

I’m Neil. I mainly spend my life running workshops and training people – my mum once said ‘your job is just showing off really, isn’t it?’ I’ve gone from coming up with names (my tombstone will say ‘He named Ocado.’), to writing whole sentences, to defining tones of voice and whole brands. I wrote Brilliant Business Writing, and have helped everyone from Cabinet ministers to call centre workers think about how they express their organisation’s brand.

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