Budka, a senior director and PR specialist who previously shaped the group’s SEO and content marketing offering, is leading a project to identify how generative AI can be responsibly and effectively leveraged to support the group’s wider strategy.

Team Luke Budka 1

Heather Baker, CEO of Definition Group comments: “Our theme for 2023 is adventure and generative AI certainly has all the ingredients of a classic adventure: it’s throwing up meaty challenges and presenting ethical dilemmas while offering endless opportunities for exploration, discovery and wonder. Less than a year after ChatGPT’s launch, it’s influencing everything from the way brands are understood to the way organisations communicate and how work gets done.

“We have created this new role because we want to understand how AI will impact us, and we see it as a priority to explore how we can use it to our benefit. There’s been a lot of hype around AI being a potential threat to agencies, and it will probably change the way our sector operates. But it’s a long way from replacing the human relationships, creativity and strategic thinking based on deep insights that are at the core of how Definition Group operates.”

Luke Budka says: “The generative AI revolution is redefining the way we think about marketing, design, and content creation. I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to guide Definition Group on this journey, ensuring we remain at the forefront of this transformation. Generative AI is an invaluable asset: it is already enabling us to serve our clients in more engaging, efficient, and creative ways.”

Since Budka took up the role at the beginning of June, the group has focussed primarily on data safety, internal and external messaging, ethical considerations and employee training and education. It is also developing its own proprietary generative AI solution.