As OpenAI deploys its much-anticipated GPT store, we’re launching a series of GPTs to analyse how different UK government departments are spending.

The calculators use natural language to comb through monthly expenditure data published by government departments on the Transparency and Freedom of Information releases website.

Thanks to Open AI’s Code Interpreter tool the AI can analyse spreadsheet data. And you can ask them about anything you want (we’ll explain how in a second).

If you’re ready to go, check out our GPTs for:

Our AI director, Luke, explains how to use them:

Here’s an idea of the type of data you can easily uncover with our GPTs

  • The total amount spent on tennis court renovations by the UK’s Department for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) in the financial year 2023/24 is approximately £11,166,726
  • The DCMS spent a total of £62,400 on Eurovision during the financial year 2023/24. This expenditure was incurred on the 4th of September, 2023, and was for Eurovision delivery services. The supplier is named in the data too.
  • The DCMS spent a total of £11,186.50 on disinformation monitoring, reporting, and analysis in the financial year 2023/24

Adding to the video, Luke says: “While the tech isn’t perfect and the GPTs are designed to direct users to the source of the data when answering questions, early tests show them to be capable of quickly and accurately providing total spend by supplier and expense type. At the moment users need a ChatGPT Plus, Team or Enterprise account to access them, but we have plans to make them more widely accessible.”

Ready to dig in? Get started here:


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