AI at Definition

Generative AI (or genAI) refers to all those AI tools that create images, videos, words and more, like ChatGPT, Claude and Midjourney.

And just like when you’re working with human creative types, the better the brief, the better the result.

Read more about that below, check out our AI commitments, or drop us a line to start the conversation.

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Our genAI services:

Private environments

We create private genAI environments for our clients’ teams to use, without the fear of stuff leaking into the public domain.

When you put data into genAI models like ChatGPT and Bard, there’s a risk it’ll be regurgitated to any one of their hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

A private tool avoids that problem. And helps you cut costs too, because API access is much cheaper than signing up for loads of individual accounts or taking out enterprise subscriptions.

In a nutshell:

  • A private environment keeps your data under lock and key
  • Lower use costs than lots of individual accounts
  • Blend genAI services to stay ahead of the game
  • Include bespoke built-in prompts written to solve your business challenges
  • Add your own company specific data to make it super relevant to your business, never have to answer the question ‘Where’s the coffee kept?’ ever again!
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Everything prompt (engineering, priming and tuning)

Anyone can get content or insights out of a genAI tool. But it takes a specialist to get the very best.

Take writing, for instance. It takes a writer to explain Latinate vs Anglo-Saxon vocabulary, or the intricacies of the active voice, or the difference between abstract and concrete nouns.

Combine that with genAI experts who know what things like few-shot and chain-of-thought prompts are, as well as really technical bits like temperature testing (a way to regulate how creative the output is), and you’ve got all the knowledge you need to refine a prompt to perfection.

In a nutshell:

  • Get exactly what you need from large language models (like ChatGPT). Right format, right tone, right content
  • Use prompts to solve all kinds of challenges in a way that’s bespoke to you
  • Create a prompt library so your people can quickly and easily generate the content they need
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Bit lost in the world of generative AI? Overwhelmed by the solutions available? Not sure which models to use? Not even sure what a model is? How about prompting? Worried you’re not doing it properly or not sure how to get started?

Get in touch and talk to us about training.

We help marketing teams fulfil their genAI potential and maximise the available tools without giving away all their confidential data in the process. Training takes place in person and involves live exercises using our private AI platform – after all, there’s no substitute for actual ‘doing’ – it’ll increase your confidence and help you build your genAI skills in a practical straightforward way.

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Tone of voice tuning

Turn your AI into a brand ambassador by training it in your tone of voice.

We’ll ‘fine tune’ your GPT model with hundreds (sometimes thousands) of original before and after examples. It does the same job as a prompt, but more so, making sure everything your team generates is bang on tone.

In a nutshell:

  • Fine tune your AI to make sure everything it produces sounds just right
  • Create individual voices for members of your c-suite. Need to take a conciliatory tone? We’ve got you. Need to sound more bullish than usual in quarterly results? No problem
  • Get started with just a handful of examples – although the bigger the dataset, the better the result
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We’re also helping our clients with all sorts of other AI projects including:

Not all translation’s born equal: create prompts to generate translations tailored to a specific audience.

Build a digital member of the HR team who can answer any employee question, any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.

Build and fine tune your chatbot to give customers the best possible experience of your business.

Create a stock image library with embedded watermarking to stay protected as genAI copyright law develops.

A block-based, colourful visualisation of a generative AI model for the AI services page.