Definition Group prides itself on taking good care of all its people. It’s part of our values that we Support Positively. Employee benefits are an important part of that.

So in 2022, we set out to update our benefits package, aiming to provide something all our people would make great use of, while also reducing admin.

Between our six member agencies, Definition Group people span a range of different generations, career stages and lengths of service. That means a variety of needs, wants and priorities. Something that feels like a lifesaver for a young person just starting their career might only merit a shrug from someone nearing retirement, for example.

Definition Group employee ages 

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Definition Group employee length of service

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The Group’s buy and build strategy also makes future acquisitions likely. So the new benefits package needed to be able to flex and scale with the Group – and to appeal not only to current employees, but also to as-yet unknown teams and new hires joining in the future.


Thanks Ben

In the end, the solution was simple: let our people decide for themselves what would improve their lives.

Definition Group chose to implement Ben, a platform that provides employees with an allowance loaded onto a virtual Mastercard.

Via Ben, everyone at Definition Group gets £100 a year to spend on training and upskilling, and £100 a month to spend on whatever they feel will improve their health, wellbeing and happiness.

Ben allows companies to set parameters around what people can spend their allowances on. Knowing our employees, and knowing that what makes one person happy won’t always work for someone else, Definition Group decided to keep the parameters broad and trust each of our people to know what’s best for them.

The package began rolling out early in 2023 and, after a couple of hiccups (as expected with any new technology), now nearly everyone at Definition Group has made use of it.

People have spent their money on spa breaks, supermarkets and Spotify; meal kits, masterclasses and gym memberships; coffees and commutes; Lego and Les Mills.

Here’s what some of our team said:

“I spend my allowance on the ‘Treat myself happy’ app which enables me to treat myself each month to a little something (hair salon, new dress). Love it and so did the salon I went to. Great company benefits.”

“I hadn’t used my allowance at all so used it to book a very relaxing 2-night stay in a quiet cottage after a busy month – much appreciated!”

“Incredibly generous and incredibly easy to use. Added the well-being and birthday gift ones to my Apple wallet and have been using them through Apple Pay seamlessly. Love that the criteria for wellbeing is “whatever brings you pleasure” … very open, very general and hence covers pretty much everything I’d want to spend my “free cash” on!”

“What I love about Ben is the feeling of having a pot of money just for me – what I need. As a mum, I usually default to getting the children stuff first before me. Having Ben made me think of me, what do I want to do? I recently used it for a facial which I never would have done. I felt so much better afterwards.”

“Ben has been a game-changer. I manage my money so carefully and always feel so guilty spending money on ‘treats’ – especially with the cost of living crisis. Having this well-being benefit has given me the freedom to think about myself and my health as an investment.”

Meanwhile, Definition Group isn’t wasting budget or resources providing benefits that people don’t value or use. Existing rewards, like birthday gifts and the monthly WOW Awards, are now managed through Ben as well, reducing admin.

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