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“AI is not going to replace humans, but humans with AI are going to replace humans without AI.”

If you’re worried you’re a little behind the curve on AI, don’t fret. We’ve designed two half-day training sessions to get even the most AI nervous or skeptical, feeling confident to start using it in their day-to-day work.

At Definition, we’ve created an AI team, built our own private AI (to keep confidential data safe) and are using it to accelerate and improve our own work and our clients’. Now we’re ready to share all of that with you.

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Where the heck to start with AI

This is for anyone who’s starting out with AI. Our AI training services look at:

• What AI is (and what the jargon means)
• The basics of how it works
• What it’s good at, and what it’s not
• A few key applications and where to start
• The traps to watch out for

We’ll do it face-to-face or online.

And like all our training, there’s no death by PowerPoint. It’s hands-on, informal, with lots of discussion and debate.

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Writing brilliant prompts

If your job is writing any kind of content, this is for you: customer comms, reports, social media, proposals – AI can help with almost any kind of writing. We’ll take you through the fundamentals, the advanced techniques, tips and tricks and methodologies – you WILL save hours (and save your business cold, hard cash).

Our AI training looks at:

  • The main models
  • Different types of prompt and what they’re good for
  • Honing your prompt
  • How to keep developing your skills

We’ll use real-life examples, and lots of exercises and experiments so you can see exactly where AI comes in handy. We’ll let everyone use our private AI so their data’s safe and they can experiment with the latest and most powerful LLMs ever made, in the session.

Each workshop costs £2,800 for up to ten people.

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Our AI training expert

Luke Budka Screen

I’m Luke, your generative artificial intelligence director here at Definition. Building, experimenting, and shaping genAI solutions are what excites me these days. I bring 15 years of substantial PR, SEO, and content marketing agency experience to the table: you could say content generation is in my DNA. I’m just as comfortable speaking at conferences (in places like Brighton, talking about SEO stuff for example) as I am judging tech awards (which I’ve done for over a decade).

I kind of get off on the thrill of a challenge, it’s my thing. What am I most proud of, you ask? Well, I’ve secured front page splashes on every UK national newspaper and generated over £30 million in sales-qualified leads for companies using the magic mixes of PR and content-led SEO (once and for all putting to bed the question “How much is this PR coverage worth?”).

But my latest and greatest thing (you may have seen me shouting about it on LinkedIn) is our proprietary generative AI platform, Definition AI. Curiosity killed the cat, but it sure does make my work immensely rewarding.

Chat to Luke. 

Our AI training services are brand new

But at Definition, we’ve been running training for years, all over the world. And our clients have nice things to say…

“Definition ran a truly excellent media training day. It provided great challenge and insight… but also fun in the learning process. Definition clearly have significant ‘real’ experience and I found the style and feedback to be very beneficial.”

Bob Andrews, CEO
Benenden Health

“Training doesn’t always stick with me. This did, and I walked away wanting to change what I do immediately.”

Derek McWhinnie, Head of Customer Care
Zurich Insurance

“With three cohorts doing continuous improvement training, we delivered benefit savings of over £250k, but more importantly, we saw engagement scores improve by 17%.

“What wasn’t measurable, but was observed, was colleagues from these cohorts taking a much more active role in the department – feeling empowered to identify a problem and to take action to resolve it, as well as having much more open dialogue with our senior leaders on how to take forward ongoing improvements and initiatives.

“Whilst the courses delivered skills and capability to our colleagues, it was much more than that, it helped shaped our strategy and culture of ongoing continuous improvement.”

Anni Stores, Head of Product Delivery
Manchester Airport Group

The team at Definition ran a series of training sessions and created handy tools like bitesize videos and cheat sheets. The training sessions were rated by attendees as some of the best we’ve ever run in-house.“

Frances Gent, Head of Content

If you’re interested, just drop us a line and we’ll have a chat to suss out exactly what you need.

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