Giant leap, baby steps

We’ve already made some big changes. Like training our people in things like prompting, development and machine learning. We’re even built our own genAI technology.

As a result, genAI is already changing, and improving, the work we do.

But we know the world is (rightly) worried about things like data privacy and copyright infringement, so we’ve set specific boundaries and updated our policies to guide the way we all work.

Our guidelines and commitment

Here’s an insight into our approach.

Quality control

We’re all about quality, and the way we use genAI is no different. Our dedicated team is continuously experimenting with, learning, and integrating best-in-breed technology to ensure first-class service.

Data privacy

If our clients don’t trust us, we don’t have a business. So, our guidelines prohibit us entering any client data (text, image, audio, or video), that’s not already in the public domain, into any genAI software. That way, we know it can’t be used to train the foundation models powering the likes of ChatGPT and Bard.

The exception to this rule is data entered into our proprietary genAI tech: Definition AI. This private environment is designed with security in mind first and foremost. All content generated is securely stored in Definition’s fully encrypted AWS database.

Innovation with integrity

All work still requires expert human involvement, and everything is quality assured by our human service and sector specialists before it leaves the building. This decision aligns with our focus on integrity, transparency, and adherence to ethical practices.

Join the journey

GenAI is the next frontier of marketing technology. It can be a powerful ally for businesses, agencies, and creators alike. Our genAI division is already working with our clients to explore all of its possibilities.

We’re not just adapting to the future – we’re actively shaping it. If you’d like to be part of the conversation, let us know and we’ll help figure out what genAI can do for you.