A bold challenge. An incredible reward. Expect the bold, the creative and the unexpected from Definition Group this year.

For Definition Group, 2023 is the year of adventure. Taking bold steps into the unknown, not knowing where they might lead.

In that adventurous spirit, we are challenging all our people to lead the company on adventures into brand new territory.

To encourage this, Definition Group employees and contractors can nominate their most adventurous colleagues for the Choose Your Own Adventure Award. And the winner gets to choose an adventure worth £5,000 for themselves and one other person.


What does adventure look like at Definition Group?

Thinking differently. Taking risks. Challenging convention.

Adventure starts with asking yourself: Is there a better way…? What would happen if…? How far can we push…?

It has to go beyond simply doing amazingly at your job. Adventure is bold, creative, outside your usual lane.

And it ends with business impact.

Nominations have to specify the project, initiative or experiment the person is being nominated for – a general adventurous attitude is not enough!

Since the challenge launched at the beginning of 2023, six people have already been nominated, for creating bold new products, opportunistic newsjacking and imaginative client campaigns.

There are still nine months left of the year and everything to play for. The winner could end up being someone who designs a completely new product or service, wows a client with an unexpected strategy, boosts the Group to new heights of sustainability or wellbeing, explores the data lake to find efficiencies or better ways to make decisions – or comes up with something we could never predict, that makes the rest of the Group ask “why did we never think of that?”


What’s at stake?

We asked some of our team to share how they would spend the £5,000:

I would spend the money on an International Volunteer HQ programme where you get to go and stay for a month or longer in a foreign country and do volunteering like teaching, marine conservation, animal care, women’s empowerment etc. I especially like the idea of marine conservation ones in Australia or animal care in Greece.

Ashleigh Thompson, Writer at Schwa*


I’d get my puppy! I’ve dreamt of getting a mini dachshund for years. We just need the cash (if you’re asking, he’d be called Kimi after our fave F1 driver).

Grace Bilney, Writer at Redhouse


Well, it’s definitely a big trip to Brazil for me!

Dionysis Livanis, Creative Director at Redhouse


I have been dreaming of going to Japan for a long time, I even renamed my savings account to ‘Nippon trip’!

Joana Morgado, Senior Designer at Redhouse


I’d love to do a road trip with my partner across the states. From LA to NYC South route, and NYC to LA North route. That way, I can hit as many states as possible and immerse myself (however briefly) in as many of them as possible. Line dancing in Texas? A musical on Broadway? The possibilities are endless.

Tayler Birch, Client Manager at Redhouse


Route 66 – USA

This one will always jump out to me as a dream trip! The open road in a top-down car, trekking across the States with my wonderful wife! The picturesque pitstops taking note of all the film locations along the way not forgetting one of my all-time favourites…Disney Cars!

Dan Cooper, Senior Designer at Words & Pictures


For me, I’d be off to Japan, exploring Tokyo and Kyoto before venturing off up Mount Fuji. I’ve never been to any part of Asia, but I’ve always had a fascination with Japan and I’m often spending a worrying amount of time watching YouTube videos of people exploring the traditional and ancient areas! I’d take my childhood friend James as we’ve both got a love of the Orient and we really want to eat a lot of great and traditional forms of Japanese food!

Tom Mangham, Trainee Writer at Words & Pictures


If I won £5,000, I’d put it towards being debt free. I’m currently paying off my debts monthly and doing this quicker would mean that I could start on all sorts of adventures in life a lot quicker.

Alex Todde – Calvert, Senior Client Manager at Words & Pictures


I’d go to Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Always wanted to go and haven’t got there yet with my other half. I’d spend a lot of time walking around it – it’s vast!

Andy Holt, Managing Director at Words & Pictures


I would go to South Africa. Since I was little, I have wanted to go on safari in South Africa and see the big five in their natural habitat. It is something I don’t think I would treat myself to or be in a position to go, so to be fortunate enough to get this prize and tick it off my bucket list would be incredible. I would take my fiancé, Will! He also has a big passion for animals and new experiences. Go on safari and (hopefully) see the big five! Whilst eating incredible food (I have heard excellent things about cuisine in South Africa!).

Isabel Pitts, Social Media and Content Consultant at Definition Agency


When I was five my uncle was living in Australia and sent me back a couple of boomerangs for my birthday. Ever since I have wanted to visit the country. The main part of the trip would be a trip on the Indian Pacific railway – ocean to ocean across the country. It would also include the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru. I would take my wife. But when I have suggested the trip, she hasn’t been keen on the amount of time on the plane, while I can think of nothing better than being made to sit down and watch films.

Andrew Bartlett, Director of Science and Engineering at Definition Agency


If I won the £5,000, I would plan a trip of a lifetime visiting Japan with my boyfriend George. I’d love to see the Japanese cherry blossom in full bloom and climb Mount Fuji – filling our bellies with all the delicious sushi that we can too. After we’d spent some time exploring and taking in the culture of the beautiful country, I would look to fly on to the Philippines and spend some time enjoying the beautiful beaches. Whilst there I would go scuba diving in the clear ocean in El Nido and trek up the Taal Volcano – I’ve heard you can swim at the peak in the sulphur-diluted lake within the volcano too, so that is certainly on the bucket list!!

Olivia Prole, Communications Consultant at Definition Agency


I would take my family to ‘Another Place’ in the Lake District – taking my children on a little adventure to my favourite place ever!

Holly Grundy, Senior Executive at Brand Vista


If I won (which I realise would be controversial) I would take my family off-roading and wild camping in Namibia. The Namibian desert is beautiful, wild and different from anywhere else on earth.

Heather Baker, CEO at Definition Group


An African Adventure with Liam: Safari, ideally at Kruger or Masai Mara; Shark cage diving with Great Whites; Gorilla Trekking; Hike up Table Mountain. 2 weeks in the Amazon Rainforest at a wildlife rescue centre comes in a close second.

Jodie Palmieri, CX Strategist at Brand Vista


A trip on a riverboat up the Amazon as my partner’s Great Grandfather was a riverboat captain on the Amazon. Would be great to retrace his route.

Emma Titchener, Provisional Managing Director at Brand Vista


I would go to the Artic Circle because it is somewhere that is really hard to get to and I would never usually spend that kind of money on a holiday! I would take my boyfriend and try to see polar bears, jump through the ice into the sea and try and see the northern lights!

Tabitha McKie, Senior Brand and CX Strategist at Brand Vista


I think I’d go on an island-hopping adventure with my partner, Beccy. As well as seeing unique landscapes and wildlife, we love cooking and creating and would love to learn to make local dishes and try out local crafts.

Nik Morris, Motion Designer at Topline Film


Choose Your Own Adventure was inspired by one of Definition Group’s values: Think Differently. Find out more about the values that make Definition Group.