As the UK celebrates Mother’s Day, we asked DALL-E 3 for images of: “a working mum in [country]”.

And, as you can probably predict, the images are loaded with bias and stereotypes.

A working mum in…Vietnam

Working mum in Vietnam min

A very traditional setting.

A working mom in…the US

Working mum in the US min

World’s best MOM.

A working mum in…Spain

Working mum in Spain min

Is her laptop screen…a paella?

A working mum in…South Korea

Working mum in South Korea min

Perhaps the most patriotic image with the flag on the wall.

A working mum in…Pakistan

Working mum in Pakistan min

Multitasking. And a body-less hand.

A working mum in…Italy

Working mum in Italy min

In a classically Italian building.

A working mum in…Iceland

Working mum in Iceland min

In a cold and remote setting.

A working mum in…Ghana

Working mum in Ghana min

A rural village and traditional clothes.

A working mum in…France

Working mum in France min

By the Eiffel Tower obvs.

A working mum in…England

Working mum in England min


A working mum in…Colombia

Working mum in Columbia min


A working mum in…Canada

Working mum in Canada min

Canada = snow.


Luke Budka, our AI Director says:

“These images of working mums from around the world clearly show AI ‘bias’ and usage of stereotypes.

“You can clearly see the AI has imposed its own interpretation on the images. This technology is really fascinating and fun to engage with, and it will continue to evolve and improve. But it’s important to use it with a sense of awareness and responsibility – especially given its baked in bias.

“Many companies are starting to use AI, but there are huge variations in the quality of content generated. As such we’re doing a lot of prompt engineering training to help ensure everything our clients create, sounds and looks just right.”

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