Choose your own adventure

A bold challenge. An incredible reward.

For Definition, 2023 is the year of adventure. Taking bold steps into the unknown, not knowing where they might lead. In that adventurous spirit, we are challenging all our people to lead the company on adventures into brand new territory. To encourage this, Definition employees and contractors can nominate their most adventurous colleagues for the Choose Your Own Adventure Award. And the winner gets to choose an adventure worth £5,000.

The winner could end up being someone who designs a completely new product or service, wows a client with an unexpected strategy, boosts the Group to new heights of sustainability or wellbeing, explores the data lake to find efficiencies or better ways to make decisions – or comes up with something we could never predict, that makes the rest of the Group ask “why did we never think of that?”

We want you to be asking:

  • How can AI help us do things more effectively?
  • Is there a better way to do this?
  • What would happen if we tried that?
  • How could this be improved?
  • How far can I push this?

We are looking for creative thinking that has a real business impact. Nominations have to specify the project, initiative or experiment the person is being nominated for – a general adventurous attitude is not enough!

You can nominate someone using the form below.

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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

  • The Choose Your Own Adventure award is open to Definition employees and contractors.
  • The award is designed to encourage bold and creative thinking that results in business change.
  • Nominations are open to anyone who thinks differently beyond their job description.
  • If you understand the spirit in which the award was designed, you will probably be able to answer most of your own questions about the award.
  • The operational board will choose the winner by the end of March 2024.
  • The winner will get £5,000 to spend on an experience of their choice.

Current nominations

  • Amy Graham for working with another Definition team to develop a new Consumer Duty product that got featured in the Financial times
  • Dionysis Livanis for introducing the Spotlight sessions
  • Gary Moss for introducing the first pitch speed dating forum
  • Jamie Field for suggesting the Pitch Perfect panel
  • Luke Budka for developing Definition AI
  • Neil Taylor for using ChatGPT to apply for a job at Schwa, and getting loads of PR coverage for it
  • Nick Padmore for creating a Word plug in the checks how clients are using their tone of voice, and tells them how to improve!
  • Nik Morris for creating two new video products including an animation template that clients can use to design their own videos
  • Ellie St George-Yorke for identifying a common challenge faced by people at a senior level and introducing a new thinking forum to discuss client service challenges across the business
  • Chris Warner for leading the virtual Scoro training programme

New nominations are announced in the weekly Scoop newsletter.


If you have any questions, contact Chris Warner.

Choose Your Own Adventure was inspired by one of Definition Group’s values: Think Differently.